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At Antalis, we know that packaging is essential for our customers to protect their products, transport them safely, promote their brand image, and deliver a unique customer experience.

In a world where every action has an impact on the environment, we believe that tomorrow's success and reliance is rooted in being responsible and making smart decisions today.

Our environmental approach

At Antalis, we are reviewing our entire value chain to make sustainable packaging possible.
From product sourcing and design, to distribution and recycling, we have considered the complete packaging lifecycle across these 4 pillars.


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For greater traceability and a responsible choice of suppliers and base materials


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For a circular economic model anticipated by our Packaging Designers at the start of every project

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For more efficient processes that reduce the environmental footprint

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For renewed cooperation across the entire value chain

Our commitment to protect the future


Discover our eco-friendly product selection


Kraft Paper tape


Kraft Paper Tapes

A self-adhesive paper tape that is 100% recyclable with the carton.


Master In Bubble Mailers


Master’In Bubble Mailers

Made from FSC® certified paper and designed for easy recycling.


Paper Cushioning Systems


Paper Cushioning Systems

A range of on-demand systems creating 100% recyclable paper-based cushioning.




Jiffy Padded Mailers

100% recyclable padded paper mailers offering high durability and cushioning performance.


Our actions to protect the future

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smart packaging solutions

Smart Packaging Services: tailored to each customer

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