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Envelope  Sizes & Specifications


All the technical information you need to know about specifying envelopes including envelope size chart, styles and closures.




Envelope Sizes

Size mm
C6 114 x 162
DL 110 x 220
Oversize DL 114 x 232
C5 162 x 229
C4 229 x 324
C3 324 x 457



    Front View

    1. Face
    2. (Top) Flap
    3. Window


    Back View

    1. Depth 7. Right Hand Side Seam  
    2. Length 8. Throat  
    3. (Top) Flap 9. Top Flap Crease  
    4. (Depth) of Flap 10. Gum Line  
    5. Back Flap 11. Gum Area  
    6. Left Hand Side Seam 12. Shoulder  



    The Banker

    Opening along the long edge.


    The Wallet

    Opening along the long edge.


    The Pocket

    Opening along the short edge.


    Diamond Flap

    Traditionally used for greeting card envelopes.


    Standard Wallet

    Opens along the long edge, the most common form of envelope in use today.


    Constanzia Wallet

    General construction as Standard Wallet, but with the side seams folded outside the backflap. Ideal for filling machine use.


    Chevron Flap Wallet

    A wallet envelope, where the contour of the top flap matches the leading edge of the back flap.



    Opens along the short edge and used extensively for business communications.


    Board Backed

    Used wherever the contents need some form of protection. Printed 'Please do not bend' in red.



    Envelopes with expanding side and bottom seams and extra length flap, to take bulky items, such as catalogues.






    Gummed Flap

    The flap has a strip of gum whcih must be moistened and secured down to seal.


    Self Seal

    The bottom part of the flap is folded down, as is the top part. Both parts have a strip of latex. To seal, the top and bottom parts of the flap are lifted and the top part then folded over the bottom part and pressed together to form a seal.


    Superseal (Peel and Seal)

    An area of gum is applied to the flap and a silicone strip is attached. This strip is removed and the exposed gummed flap is turned down over the back of the envelope and pressed down to securely seal.


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