Our Sustainable Product & Services Range

Creating eco-responsible solutions which contribute to the development of the circular economy is a means to act responsibly as a leading organisation, but also to support our customers’ own CSR commitments.

By creating these virtuous circles, we are proud to be counted among today's corporate positive change makers.


recycled products

Product Offer Vision

Developing the Demand for Eco-Responsible Products and Our Associated Offer

We strive to make eco-responsibility a quality standard in our market and are engaged in developing attractive and relevant solutions to enhance our relationship with current and future clients.


Promoting Our Recycled Product Offer

The Group firmly believes that recycled papers are quality solutions for all professionals. To “democratise“ this belief, we aim to raise awareness within our sphere of influence while continuing to develop ever more innovative solutions.


2016 Key Figures

  • 73.8% of sales are eco-responsible products
  • 5.07% of sales are five-star recycled products
  • 79% of our global turnover are paper-based products