Well-being At Work

We have set ourselves a challenging target to reduce our lost time incidents to zero. During 2015, we established a new five-year strategic plan to help us achieve our safety goals, structured around four pillars: management commitment, operational excellence, communication and engagement and influencing safe behaviours. For each of these pillars, we have established clear actions, timescales and responsibilities.


wellbeing-work_960x600.jpg (employee wellness concept)

Managing Commitment

It is important for us to practice what we preach, and it starts at the top of our business. Our MD is passionate about health and safety and all members of our executive team include safety on the agendas of their operational team meetings and take part in regular site audits.


Operational Excellence

Our risk assessments and safe systems of work are constantly reviewed. We use the OSHENS software system to report suggestions, observations and incidents, and monitor our performance.


Communication and Engagement

Our company-wide staff forum has developed the “ABC’s of health and safety” - an alphabet of key messages reminding everyone of various ways to keep themselves safe.

“Safety first and all the time” is used on all our communications, on our signage and even on our protective clothing. During 2016, we developed a targeted safety communications and campaigns plan on a number of themes such as hazard observations, and fire evacuation. We developed bespoke training tools, such as our toolbox talks, and guidance materials for our managers and supervisors.

We have also developed a new set of icons to represent our “10 Golden Rules for Safety”.


Influencing Safe Behaviours

Our bespoke course on risk and hazard identification in the workplace is currently being rolled out to all of our teams, and our hazard observation booklet enables anyone to raise awareness on safety issues, unsafe acts and dangerous behaviours on a day-to-day basis.


Monitoring our Performance

Although our Lost Time Incidents rates (LTI) have gradually reduced over the past five years, we have noticed an increase in the number of lost days due to injury over the past 12 months. Therefore we realise that there is still a way to go to reach our target.


Recognition for Our Achievements

We celebrate the success of our teams and publicly recognise good safety performance through our safety league table which highlights the number of days since the last Lost Time Incident (LTI) at each site.

Antalis UK achieved the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Award for the sixth year running for our approach to occupational health and safety during 2016.



Over 750 employees completed training on how to embody safety in the workplace through their individual commitment and behaviour. In addition, over 800 employees completed the Group Health and Safety Module which led directly to a higher level of hazard observations being noted.

A variety of other training options are available to our workforce. From soft skills to practical skills, we have delivered training in many areas during 2016, including purchasing, negotiation skills and management essentials. We also launched our first e-learning module for logistics.


Apprenticeships and Internships

We also provide opportunities each year for a number of apprentices and interns to gain valuable work experience.

When I saw the apprenticeship with Antalis, I immediately applied as I knew that Antalis has such a wide reach across the world that I would be supported fully by both the company and my colleagues.

Harry Denley, Antalis apprentice