Reducing energy consumption within our walls

The use of energy is a significant environmental impact of our activities. We are committed to taking the use of resources in our operational strategies fully into consideration. It is essential that all our local sites drive positive change through enhancing initiatives and optimisations. Continuous efforts are currently being made to reduce energy consumption and adopt more responsible practices. As a Group, we strongly believe that these initiatives reflect our customers' demand to work with a responsible supplier.

energy reduction

Global approach

The manufacturing stage of the products concentrates most of the energy consumption during the product life cycle. Nevertheless, the distribution stage, with the 96 operated warehouses also consumes energy, about 45,000 Mwh and it is our responsibility to reduce it. Each local entity is encouraged to develop an energy strategy based on its access to resources and its current consumption.


ISO 50001: reducing our dependence on fossil fuels

Our teams in the UK have been working on implementing an energy initiative at the central distribution centre head office in Coalville, Leicestershire. Their journey towards ISO 50001 was a combination of regulatory requirement, stakeholder interest and lessening energy consumption. Forklifts, lighting and heating make up the large majority of energy use within the buildings, with the commercial fleet being the most significant in terms of business travel. Better practices in energy management were observed and opportunities such as LED lighting, lower heating temperatures and securing thermostats enabled worthwhile savings. Antalis UK also commissioned 81 new DAF Euro 6 curtain-side vehicles in a £5m investment which will modernise its 160-strong fleet. By achieving certification to the International Standard for energy management (ISO 50001), our teams in the UK aim to reduce energy costs via a structured approach, promote greater energy awareness among employees and increase stakeholder confidence through the visibility of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions.