Business Ethics

Managing Our Activities Responsibly

Business ethics is the final cornerstone of our vision of responsibility. It enables us to fully embed CSR into our processes and our day-to-day activities. We have adopted strict procedures which ensure maximum transparency in decision making and actions.


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Ethics Framework

Defining an Ethics Framework for Our Group

To fully guarantee that all our activities are managed in full compliance with international and local regulations, we have founded our business ethics on two key documents: the in-house Code of Conduct and the Competition Law Handbook. These documents provide clear guidelines on the way our company intends to do business.


Training: A Crucial Platform for Compliance

To make sure our business ethics rules are fully embedded in our operational practices, a specific online training programme has been developed. Teams can strengthen their knowledge on business regulations and competition law helping them adopt appropriate reflexes and behaviours in risky situations. Also, internal audits are conducted to verify the comprehensive deployment of the guidelines. Self-assessment questionnaires are also distributed to all legal entities for a yearly evaluation.


Encouraging Responsible Practices within Our Ecosystem

We encourage our partners and suppliers to adopt similar business principles and behaviours. To this end, we provide them with Sustainable Development charters and have developed a specific Code of Conduct for suppliers.

Antalis' In-House Code of Conduct

  • Abide strictly to all applicable laws and regulations
  • Maintain clear, fair & honest relations with partners
  • Diligently apply competition rules
  • Respect confidentiality and insider trading rules
  • Commit to safety and safe working practices
  • Ensure respect and dignity in work
  • Adhere to environmental principles
  • Follow the principles of the UN Global Compact


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Two Questions to Matthew Botfield

How does the Code of Conduct influence our internal audits?

"Our Code of Conduct, which covers business ethics, is at the heart of our internal audit system developed by the Antalis Board of Directors. It gives a greater role to our audits but also to the annual self-assessment questionnaires. During audits, our teams give us feedback on situations which could hinder the respect of the Code of Conduct. We systematically evaluate the risk and adapt our work accordingly. We also make sure the Code is signed by each involved decision maker."


How does it minimise risk?

"We make sure our employees have the means to monitor regulatory evolutions regarding business ethics. Our work has never revealed any major anomalies. If such were to be the case, we would inform the Board immediately. The Board would then be able to take corrective measures. The Code of Conduct is a strong asset for our pledge to minimise risk."