Display Board

This Antalis’ extensive range of large format boards for your visual communication features high-quality display boards suitable for interior hanging displays, Point of Sale (POS), and showcards.

Coala Air Board 2D is a lightweight board made from honeycomb sheet with high-quality SBS top sheets - perfect for printed internal POS, display, and signage applications. Coala Air Board 2D boards are FSC certified and fully recyclable.

Dispa Board is a Sign & Display board with a flat, smooth, bright white print surface - its unique embossed core provides rigidity and stability. Made entirely of paper, FSC certified and 100% recyclable.

Katz Display Board is an environmentally friendly option, made from wood pulp and fully recyclable. These Katz Display boards offer excellent flatness and prolonged stability in challenging atmospheric conditions.

The Libra Grey Centered Display Boards are manufactured from high-quality folding boxboard liners, giving excellent ink lift for an impressive print finish. Alternatively, Virgo Cream Centered Display Board offers a traditional creamy white centre and fully coated boxboard liners with guillotined edges.

Choose from a variety of options to meet your specific business needs. Upgrade your interior displays today with our high-quality display boards.
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