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KernowPrint Indigo Vivid is a brilliant white, extremely durable synthetic paper, HP indigo certified. . . The Vivid range features a selection of powerful colours (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Black) that are guaranteed to help your creations stand out the crowd - great for high visibility signs, critical safety messages and unique menus. . . The Kernow's Cobalt Coating Technology specially optimised for liquid toner presses offers the next level of durability and image quality, ultimate ink adhesion, excellent built-in static control for outstanding runnability and printing trouble free - a new benchmark for HP Indigo print performance. . . KernowPrint is tear resistant, impervious to grease and chemicals, and 100% waterproof: suitable for outdoor use, even without lamination, and also ideal for archival purpose. . . KernowPrint Indigo Vivid is available in various formats, weights and colours. . . Compliant with REACH, RoHS, PVC-free and Heavy Metals free.

Product Information:

  • Synthetic substrates suitable for HP Indigo printing. . Tear-resistant, hard-wearing, grease and water-repellent. . Optimal static behaviour for trouble-free printing. . Durable without lamination, even for outdoor use


  • Perfect for high visibility signs, critical safety messages & unique menus


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