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KernowPrint Indigo Pro Lite (also known as KernowPrint Pro Lite for HP Indigo) is a synthetic paper, HP indigo certified, specifically designed to provide the right balance between flexibility and rigidity for the widest range of applications. . . Made from Polypropylene (PP), Pro Lite can be easily folded without any risk of ripping and cracking while binding. . . KernowPrint Pro Lite for HP Indigo offers a bright white, soft to the touch surface, great to provide that sophisticated, luxury touch to menus, tags, booklets.. . KernowPrint Pro Lite features Cobalt Coating Technology, optimised for HP Indigo presses, to offer the ultimate level of durability, ink adhesion, image and colour quality for exceptional print results, and outstanding built-in static control for hassle free runnability. . . The Pro Lite synthetic paper is full waterproof, tear and chemicals resistant, and impermeable to grease. . . Compliant with RoHS and REACH, PVC-free, Heavy Metals free, KernowPrint Indigo Pro Lite is available in a choice of grammages.

Product Information:

  • Synthetic substrates suitable for HP Indigo printing. . Ready to print without primer thanks to Cobalt® Coating Technology. . Tear-resistant, hard-wearing, grease and water-repellent. . Optimal static behavior for trouble-free printing. . Durable without lamination, even for outdoor use


  • Perfect for high visibility signs, critical safety messages, unique menus, brochures, price tags & notices


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