Xerox Standard Tab Dividers Reverse Collation (2 Item(s))

These printable white Xerox reverse collated tab dividers (also called Xerox single reverse collated tabs or Xerox dividers reverse collation) are supplied as A4+ sheets each with one single tab on the right side.

Being slightly wider, when utilised in combination with standard A4 pages within files, folders or binders, Xerox dividers with tabs help identify in a clear visual way where different individual sections start and end.

These Xerox divider cards are highly customisable, thanks to their white colour, and hence perfect for offices with the ability to do high volumes of in-house printing.

It is very easy to add and print your brand, your company logo or simply a different colour on each single tab or the dividers to offer a corporate and professional look to documents such as training manuals, product catalogues or business reports.

Reverse collated tabs are printed in a descending order (first tab at the bottom of the sheet, last tab placed at the top) and pages are not flipped during the process: reverse collation needs a compatible laser or inkjet printer to work.

Product Information:

  • Reverse collated for easy compilation
    Available in white and colours
    160gm board for durable repeat use

Technical information:

  • Mono & Colour Laser Printing
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