Xerox Plastic Reinforced Dividers Straight Collation (2 Item(s))

These Xerox straight collated tab dividers (also called Xerox dividers straight collation or Xerox single straight collated tabs) are colour coded for quick referencing when used with files, folders or a series of pages. . . They are perfect to organise important information in an effective visual way by making clear where sections start and end within documents. . . Xerox dividers are provided as extra wide A4+ white sheets each with a single coloured tab on the side: the white sheet and the relative colour coded tab are very easy to print on and highly customisable to offer a corporate look or a professional feeling to any of your finished projects. . . These Xerox tabs are also plastic reinforced for extra durability, ideal for heavily used documents such as business reports, training manuals or industrial guides. . . Straight collated tabs are printed in ascending order (starting from the top of the first page to end at the bottom of the last sheet) and pages are flipped during the process: known as straight collation and are mono and colour laser compatible.

Product Information:

  • Digitally optimised. Reinforced durable tabs. Toner receptive tabs


  • - Dividing content in presentation binders. - Creating easy to reference sections in your filing

Technical information:

  • Mono & Colour Laser Printing


  • Xerox 100% Performance guarantee
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