Xerox Create Range Sample Pack and Display Unit (9 Item(s))

Xerox Create Range is a unique collection of presentation, display and promotional products such as e.g. mouse and desktop mats, boutique bags or A4 ring binders, very easy to customise - perfect for the print-on-demand industry. Each of these Xerox Create Range products have one of more clear pockets on their surface where printed sheets can be inserted to produce personalised items. Environmentally friendly, the Xerox Create Range uses recyclable materials such as Polypropylene, and many of the products are 100% recyclables. Xerox Create Range is the ideal solution for creating eye-catching materials for exhibitions, corporate events, marketing activities, product presentations or trade shows. This Xerox Create Range Sample Pack is made of 26 items, one for each of the Xerox Create range of products: from name plate holders, to clear gloss window displays, the samples have already been personalised to offer an overlook of the whole assortment and to help you decide what Xerox Create Range product can be suitable for promoting your business in the best way. Xerox Create Range Sample is available in a selection of packs, and with a choice of display units.

Product Information:

  • Instant personalisation. Print on demand. Bespoke materials for exhibitions. Ideal for small businesses. 100% reusable products. Stand out from the crowd!


  • Ideal for businesses with the potential to re-sell the range to their customers or clients. Businesses such as; Printers, Graphics Designers and other creative areas.

Technical information:

  • Mono & Colour Laser Printing


  • Xerox 100% performance guarantee
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