Xerox Create Range Mouse Mat / Desk Mat (2 Item(s))

Xerox Create Mouse Mat / Desk Mat, part of the Xerox Create Range: an innovative solution to create eye-catching items, ideal for promoting your corporate brand or your business where computers are available in public places. Perfect for conveying your company image, log-in instructions and other important or general information, these frosted mats have a transparent pocket for a 160gsm heavyweight paper insert that is very easy to customise and designed for use with all digital printers - also suitable for dry toner applications. Just download the template for a bespoke creation, and after the sheet is printed, simply insert it inside the pocket on the surface of the Xerox Create Range mat to complete the customisation of your products. There is no limit to your imagination with these Xerox print-on-demand collection of items. Xerox Create Range Mouse & Desk Mats is available in different sizes and number of inserts. Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.

Product Information:

  • Instant personalisation. Print on demand. Bespoke materials for exhibitions. Ideal for small businesses. 100% reusable products. Stand out from the crowd!


  • Corporate Giveaways, Corporate Branding, Exhibition Giveaways, Promotional Offers, General Office Use

Technical information:

  • Mono & Colour Laser Printing


  • Xerox 100% performance guarantee
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