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Magnecote®, the world's first pre-magnetized paper, designed for dry-toner digital presses, is now available certified HP Indigo. . . Magnecote® Digital does not require post-print magnetizing or laminating processes since it is simply a paper coated with a proprietary magnetic finish: very easy to use, just print and stick it onto any ferrous surface - ideal for delivering high-quality messages in places where usual advertising mediums cannot. . . This magnetic paper is perfect for applications such as fridge magnets, board games, memo pads, as well as signage, machinery instructions, warning signs, display or party invitations, promotions, post cards, school photos, emergency contacts and POP items. . . Magnecote® can be guillotined, folded, scored, laminated, die-cut, perforated, and saddle stitched just like any paper - and it leaves no residue. . . Magnecote® Digital is compatible with Konica Minolta, Develop, Ricoh, Ricoh, Heidelberg, Kodak and Xerox printers. . . Magnecote® is FSC environmentally friendly, compliant with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. . . Although Magnecote® is recyclable, it may not be possible to recycle it according to your local authorities, please check regulations.

Product Information:

  • - Coated, magnetic paper. . - Can be treated the same way as any other paper stocks. . - Leaves no adhesive residue. . - Matching paper suitable for litho, HP Indigo and Inkjet


  • Sign & Display, Party Invitations, Fridge Magnets, Board Games, Memo Pads.. . - a message or toy in a cereal box. . - a direct mail piece. . - POP item. . - safety instructions. . - quick reference for company details . . - children's toys. . - ad wrap around a newspaper. . - crafts for kids and adults. . - scented magnets. . - holiday cards. . - doctors appointement reminder. . - annoucements. . - pil chart on a medicine cabinet. . - to do list on the refregerator. . - kids sports team cards. . - delivery menus

Technical information:

  • Offset, Laser and HP Indigo options

Environmental credentials

  • MagneCote® is recyclable, however it may not be recyclable in all local authorities. Check local regulations.
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