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Products and documents security has never been so important as it is today and security labels are perfect to protect your valuable items from tampering, reading or malicious damage. . . Xerox Colourvoid labels add a further level of security and play an important part as a deterrent from unwanted attention. . . Suitable for office and home use, these two-stage Xerox self-adhesive labels can be easily customised with a warning, a logo or bar codes and printed on demand to be attached on sensitive items such as company laptops and PCs, covers, screw holes, flaps etc. . . These Xerox Colourvoid Security Labels are made of two thin layers which are glued together: only the one on the top is printed and personalised, while the second, pre-printed with the word VOID, is hidden behind. . . The first layer is destructible, although difficult to remove: if someone tries to get rid of a Xerox security label, they will destroy in part of totally only the superficial film, revealing the written message (Void) on the second layer underneath - clear evidence that the product was tampered. . . These Xerox Colourvoid security labels are available in one size and a choice of colours.

Product Information:

  • High security- low financial. Outlay- print . On demand- tamper evident
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