Xerox Premium NeverTear Matt Clear Adhesive Film (1 Item(s))

Xerox Premium NeverTear Matt Frosted Adhesive film is the perfect product to create durable signages or hard-wearing labels. . . Easy to customise and use. No need for lamination: just print it, peel it and apply it! . . Ideal for any window signage applications, outdoor and indoor likewise, Xerox Premium NeverTear Matt Frosted Adhesive film is also waterproof and heat resistant.. . The smooth, uniform surface of this Xerox Premium NeverTear film is finished with an attractive high opacity frosted appearance, for superb eye-catching visual impact. . . Suitable for all laser printers.

Product Information:

  • Reliable. High durability. Superb print quality. Water resistant. Tear resistant. Attractive frosted finish. Xerox Performance guarantee. Perfect for creating hard wearing signage and labelling


  • • Point of sale advertising. • Hygiene/ washing signs. • Maps. • Visitor information/Directions. • Store opening times. • Signage in damp environments. • Health and safety signs

Technical information:

  • Mono or Colour Laser Printing


  • Xerox 100% performance guarantee
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