Traditionally used for presentations, in technical drawings or as covers and dividers, natural transparent papers (or translucents) can be successfully utilised for innovative advertising, in corporate communications and even within the packaging sector.

In combination with premium or tactile papers, possibilities are endless: very easy to customise and print, translucents can be cut to create shapes to play with, juxtaposed on coloured sheets to reveal or hide messages or simply stand-alone just to add an eye-catching look to all your documents.

These assortments of translucents by excellent printability have been designed for offset (also UV) and screen printing, dry laser toner and HP Indigo technologies: they can be cut, glued, assembled together and they are suitable for embossing, gilding or varnishing.

This selection of premium translucents comes in a choice of brands, sizes, formats, grammages, and even colours - for all your business needs.

Imaginative envelopes featuring transparent film effects are also available - ideal to add that extra touch to your letters and mailing.

These ranges are environmentally friendly, FSC®, ECF and FDA (food contact applications) certified and completely recyclable.