Wrapping Paper

Packaging papers are ideal for wrapping, separating and covering your products to protect them from dirt, moisture and damage during transit and storage.

They offer a cost-effective solution for a whole range of products including glassware, bottles, textiles, pipes, automotive parts, and more.

Kraft papers relate to a range of papers that are manufactured using an extra chemical treating process on the ground paper pulp.

Pure kraft paper, made from pure virgin fibres, is the strongest paper and offers greater tear resistance. Imitation kraft, made from 100% recycled material offers good protection and is more cost effective than pure kraft. Waxed kraft provides additional moisture and corrosion protection by the addition of an extra wax layer on pure kraft paper.

Kraft paper sheets are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Available in a range of weights, widths, lengths, pack sizes, rolls and sheets.