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Package Goods for Distribution

We have a massive range of packaging products for packing, protecting, storing and transporting, all held in stock for next day delivery. We offer packaging materials, machines and solutions on an international scale including brands such as 3M, Scotch, Eskaboard and Aircap.

Corrugated folding boxes

Brand quality folding boxes


Cardboard boxes are packaging essentials and we offer a huge choice of qualities and formats to suit all requirements

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The classic all-rounder


Within this range you will find different qualities of bubble film, manufactured from polyethylene, to suit your every need.

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Secure sealing


A range of gummed and self-adhesive paper and filmatic tapes for sealing, masking and identification, as well as a selection of more specialised tapes.

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Masterline  320 Box closing machine

Easy closing of boxes on the top and bottom


Mobile and flexible machine with an easy tape replacement. You can use a wide range of carton sizes.

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