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With the widest range of paper products for digital printers we provide the products, expertise and service that will help you stay ahead in this rapidly changing market. For example take a look at the Digigreen range, a premium multi-functional paper guaranteed for both HP Indigo and Dry Toner which meets the most stringent environmental standards.

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Video On Stretching Canvas

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Learn to stretch Canvas with this easy to follow video! Canvas and stretcher bars are available to order. Click here to ask for full details from our experts!

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MagneCote is the world’s first Magnet Paper. Combining a coated paper with a proprietary magnetic coating to create a paper that can be perforated, die cut, and laminated, and can be run on sheet fed, flexo, most HP Liquid toner Dry toner presses.

MagneCote delivers high quality printing with excellent colour reproduction, superior ink adhesion, and a long shelf life.

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Novatech Digital

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Novatech digital, for dry toner sheet-fed digital presses, certified HP Indigo.

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We stock everything you need to ensure your print products stay in perfect condition during storage and transport. From boxes and tapes up to stretch films and machines.

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