Full Waste Cycle Management

Full Cycle Waste Management Services

Our Full Cycle Waste Management Service is a recycling scheme that takes back your waste paper and converts it back into quality print and office paper.


It's a simple 4 step process:

  •  Use our simple waste collection service to recover your waste
  •  Recycling mills convert that waste paper back into paper
  •  You buy recycled paper back from us
  •  You carry the Full Cycle logo on your communications


We have teamed up with the most respected names in the industry to provide these services – DS Smith and PHS Datashred – and it is all managed through your existing Antalis account. There is a cost for the service but you can earn money back on your waste so you could end up making a profit.

Arjowiggins recycling mills then take your waste paper and convert it back into leading recycled paper grades such as Cyclus, Cocoon, RePrint Deluxe and Conqueror recycled.

If you then buy recycled paper back from us, completing the loop, you and your customers can carry the Full Cycle logo on communications demonstrating how seriously you take your environmental responsibility.

We can cover your confidential waste paper, single stream waste such as paper, card or plastic film, and mixed dry recyclables.



- Go to the Full Cycle page to view our short video and find out more
- Email fullcycle@antalis.co.uk and we’ll get back in touch 



  •  This service does carry a cost but you can earn money back for some of your waste
  •  You will be helping the environment

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