• stretchCONSULT 

    Today, stretch film is the best and most economical way of securing unit loads. In the UK alone, around 170,000 tonnes of stretch film are consumed every year. And demand is spiralling.

    The main challenge is to keep film consumption per pallet to a minimum by using the right stretch film while at the same time ensuring optimal unit load security. Here again, it is all about using the right stretching technology and its optimal configuration. .

    With our new stretchCONSULT service, we help you find the best solution for your unit load security.


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  • Your advantages

    • savings of up to 15%
    • resource conservation: often less is more!
    • increased packaging speed
    • fewer complaints thanks to improved unit load security
    • consumption and cost optimisation
    • cost savings
    • cardboard core disposal concepts

  • Applications 

    The fields of application are as flexible as the stretch film packaging itself:

    • unit load security
    • pallet security
    • protection against moisture and dirt
    • wrapping
    • bundling
    • theft-deterrent


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  • The stretchCONSULT process

Analysis of current situation

• Products

• Intralogistics

• Existing
  stretching technology,
  its condition
  and configuration

• Film qualities

• Film consumption/
  consumption point and
  load unit

• Logistical
   distribution channels



• Documentation of the
   analysis of the current situation

• Detection of
  "weak points"

• Proposals for
   possible solutions

• Examination of cost
   and material savings

• Conception,
  discussions re.
  implementation and

• Definition of the targets



• Stretch films

• System technology

• System configuration

• Storage

• Transport

• Documentation, proof
   of the actual
   saving volumes

• Poss. proof of quality
   and certification by
   independent Institute BFSV


• Use of the correct film

• Poss. purchase of new
   stretch technology

• Continuous
   monitoring of the

• Tracking of needs

• Just-in-time deliveries