• greenCONSULT 

    But when is packaging really environmentally-friendly?

    Avoiding transport damage is the ultimate form of green packaging, as it avoids returns, new production, redeliveries and complaints.

    Antalis Packaging firmly believes that packaging and sustainability can go hand in hand, as long as the product manages to succesfully juggle between environmental, social and ergonomic aspects: 

  • Social aspects

    the nurturing of partnerships with customers and suppliers
    support for social projects and local associations
    cooperation with universities

  • Ergonomic  aspects

    Using our products helps you:

    improve security in the workplace
    reduce physical strain
    lighten the load on your employees through the use of machines

  • Environmental aspects

    ISO 9001 and 14001 certification
    product marking with environmental icons
    advice on how to reduce material consumption
    "green" packaging from recycled materials
    "green" logistics with certified partners


    Quality and environmental management systems guarantee the high quality of our products.