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Performa Light™ by Stora Enso

Delivering your brand promise in an eco-friendly package


Performa Light™ by Stora Enso is the ideal folding boxboard to create a premium
brand perception while meeting environmental demands. Performa
Light is a GC2 folding boxboard with excellent smoothness, high
brightness and whiteness giving an exceptional visual appearance.
It is triple-pigment-coated on the top side and has an industry leading
white uncoated reverse.






• Premium look and feel
• Low weight, superior strength and stiffness
• High whiteness and brightness, providing superb print results
• Suitable for direct food contact - taste and odour neutral
• Hard sized as standard for high water resistance demands such
   as refrigeration and chiller products
• Manufactured with carbon neutral production using patented fibre
   treatment technology to save energy and raw materials
   without compromising packaging performance


Images: Stora Enso