Keaykolour background image



Keaykolour, rigid uncoated papers
and boards with sophisticated
colours and a natural touch

With a rich colour pallet ranging from 90gsm to
450gsm, Keaykolour offers choices to cover all
needs from brand identity to creative applications
and luxury packaging.



NEW, 48 colours!

The new 48-colour pallet has been developed by a colour design studio after several market studies and lab samples to achieve a complete and comprehensive range.



Playful colours to mix and match

The range has been divided into 10 colour families, ranging from pastels to bright, halftones and profound hues to enable various mix and match options, either in pairs or as a harmonious pallet. In addition, you can choose from 13 various embossings, including organic, geometric or fabric-like patterns, to apply to any colour of the range.



With 100% recycled options

Keaykolour also offers 100% post consumer waster recycled options with Camel, Chalk and all the Particles grades.



High bulk and rigidity

Thanks to its unique grain, Keaykolour is very bulky and rigid, thus making it the perfect paper for embossing, letterpress and other demanding print techniques.