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Eska products offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that are
sure to optimise the impact of your brand and products.
Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, Eska solid boards
are reproduced from recycled fibres and are also fully recyclable.

All solid board options offer optimal runability and boast a strong
structure that gives a long life span.










Discover the benefits of the Eska range:

 • The very best lay flat, stay flat properties
 • Excellent structural characteristics, meaning a sturdy, strong and durable product with high rigidity
 • Less production processes means quicker turnaround and reduced error
 • Optimum runability
 • Excellent converting properties, easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill and emboss/deboss
 • Made from recycled fibres and fully recyclable
 • Available in grey, grey with white-lined one side and deep black
 • Large choice of calipers and sizes to suit all your requirements
 • FSC certified