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Cyclus, the 100 % recycled concept

An internationally renowned 100% recycled paper range, Cyclus has a great story to tell about caring for the environment.  The recycled concept behind Cyclus means no waste when collecting recovered paper at the de-inking plant. The fibres are washed to make the new paper, all plastics and metals from the bales are recycled, residual sludge is used for cement production and no chlorine bleach is used to refine the fibres. Energy for making the paper comes from biofuel meaning it has a very low carbon footprint.


Discover the unique benefits of Cyclus:


  • The widest range of natural recycled products  (coated & uncoated) with a large variety of grammages.
  • Unique surface and high opacity,  means good print results.
  • Reduce the environmental impact  of your printed material.