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The original recycled

Choosing Cyclus Offset reflects your consideration for the environment.
Authentic yet thoroughly modern, it’s a paper with an
environmental story that helps to reinforce your brand and message.

Cyclus is the perfect combination of sustainability and quality
using a meaningful idea, visibly recycled, with an
outstanding printing result for a strong unique message.

Stand out with Cyclus, an internationally renowned
and trusted brand.



Discover our commitments:


  • 100% recycled, Cyclus production is based on an extensive recycling concept, which ensures the lowest environmental impact and supports green and sustainable growth.
  • When compared to the manufacture of non recycled papers we reduce energy consumption, use less water, divert waste from landfill and our CO2 emissions are substantially lower.
  • Best in class environmental credentials you require for your projects. The entire Cyclus range is 100% recycled, FSC certified and has all the environmental credentials. Antalis also carbon balanced the complete range as standard via the World Land Trust.
  • Natural and modern: Cyclus offers a superb quality, a beautiful texture and a unique subtle shade where touch and feel support the visual image and accentuates the creative message.
  • Outstanding printing results: Cyclus allows for premium print reproduction, retaining the bright colour quality of photographs and maintaining their intensity. Additionally, its high opacity enables minimal show through.