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Cocoon paper, our purest white,
your brightest colours.

Exclusive to Antalis

Cocoon Offset is a top quality, 100% recycled
paper with exceptional whiteness that delivers outstanding print results.
An eco-responsible paper choice, without compromising on printing results.





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Cocoon Offset Recycled Paper

Highly respectful of the environment

Preserving the environment, Cocoon Offset papers are made by turning pre-consumer and post-consumer paper waste into premium quality, bright white recycled paper. 100% recycled and FSC® certified, Cocoon Offset is manufactured in line with the highest environmental processes, using bio-energy.


cocoon offset whiteness

Unique whiteness

Due to carefully selected recycled fibres with a minimum of impurities, a unique production process using innovative de-inking technology and zero chlorine bleaching or use of optical brightener, Cocoon Offset delivers exceptional levels of whiteness (CIE 150).


cocoon offset high quality printing

High quality coloured printing

Cocoon loves ink! With an exceptional surface finish and high whiteness, Cocoon Offset enables outstanding print performance, reproducing vibrant images accurately and consistently every time.


cocoon offset range

For multiple applications

With a variety of sheet sizes and grammages available, Cocoon Offset is suitable for a wide range of applications.
From annual reports, catalogues and greetings cards through to luxury magazines and stationery, Cocoon Offset will surpass your expectations.