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The exclusive production conditions are what's behind Navigator's top quality
paper solutions. Exposed to extensive testing for quality control and
runnability, on a multitude of office equipment across various OEM’s, these are
multifuncional papers that guarantee exceptional printing quality.





Printing and handling guidelines


For the best printing and copying results follow these simple but practical guidelines.

 • Paper should be kept in the original packaging, which has an inner lining for protection against moisture/dryness
 • Handle paper carefully, avoid throwing/ dropping the paper reams and boxes
 • Only the amount of paper you need to use should be loaded into your printer or copier
 • For optimal results, the ream should be resealed with the remaining paper inside until next use
 • If for any reason the opened ream was left unsealed, select next sheets to be used from the center of the ream
 • Reams of paper should not be kept directly on the floor. In order to avoid moisture absorption reams should be stored in cabinets or on shelves
 • For best performance, paper should be left to “adapt” to the room temperature, after bringing from a cold or hot area, for an hour before opening
 • Select storage areas protected from extreme temperatures for storing your paper
 • Paper should be kept at a temperature of approximately 20-23°C/68-76°F and humidity level of about 50%.
 • Store individual reams or boxes carefully one on top of the other to avoid damaging the ream packaging or paper edges