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The Navigator range offers a multitude of options, covering all
your printing needs. Whether you're seeking a multipurpose product,
a paper enhanced for creative flair or the ultimate eco-conscious option,
Navigator papers are sure to fulfil your needs. Thanks to the finest raw materials
and seamless production, Navigator papers meet all the key considerations,
with high whiteness, optimum opacity and the best combination between stiffness and thickness
for flawless performance.






Navigator Eco-Logical paper

Navigator Eco-Logical

Navigator Eco-Logical is the perfect choice for responsible printing with premium quality. Using fewer natural resources, Navigator Eco-Logical is made from Eucalyptus Globulus fibres, which provide a bulkier sheet, with fewer jams and better toner absorption. A high quality, cost efficient office paper backed by a Product Replacement Guarantee. Suitable for all office printing equipment.

> Available: 75gsm A4.

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Navigator Expression Paper

Navigator Expression

Navigator Expression is a bright white paper, giving excellent print contrast. The extra smooth, micro porous surface allows accurate absorption for high definition images. Extra thick and opaque to prevent show through and sheet waviness, Expression papers will deliver impressive documents. With UHD surface treatment for vivid, fast drying print. Suitable for all office printers.

> Available: 90gsm A4/A3

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Navigator Universal Paper

Navigator Universal

Navigator Universal is a multifunctional paper with trusted performance that always delivers. The optimal balance between paper rigidity and thickness provides outstanding performance and jam-free runnability. With a silky touch and special UHD surface treatment, print will be vivid and fast drying. Suitable for copier, laser, inkjet and fax.

> Available: 80gsm A4, A3

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Navigator Colour Documents Paper

Navigator Colour Documents

Approved for Digital printing, Navigator Colour Documents has the perfect surface for enhancing high resolution documents, with increased stiffness and thickness for double sided printing. Ideal for full colour documents such as brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters and photos. UHD formula surface treatment provides vivid and fast drying print. Suitable for all office printers.

> Available: 120gsm A4

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Navigator Presentation Paper

Navigator Presentation

Navigator Presentation papers boast supieror quality to add value to your communications. Presentation's excellent opacity ensures intensive use of colour is guaranteed without show through, making it ideal for newsletters and mailings. With optimum thickness and smoothness and UHD surface treatment for vivid contrast and fast drying print. Guaranteed for all colour inkjet and laser printers and colour copiers.

> Available: 100gsm A4/A3

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