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Navigator is the world's best-selling premium paper, offering a complete
range of paper solutions designed to provide top performance.
Manufactured using state-of-the-art production equipment and the highest
quality fibre type to ensure optimum characteristics, the Navigator
range includes high quality options to meet every need,
performing consistently in all office equipment.











Discover the benefits of the Navigator papers range:

 • Unmatched runnability (99.99% paper jam-free guarantee)
 • High quality consistency
 • A complete range of paper solutions available
 • Excellent print/copy quality (more vivid colours and intense blacks)
 • Optimal intrinsic paper properties (whiteness, opacity, smoothness, thickness)
 • Multifunctionality (suitable for an extensive range of applications)
 • Suitable for all office printing - EU Ecolabel and FSC certified
 • Ultra High Definition formula from 80gsm upwards (for smarter ink absorption and optimum print performance)