What does Full Cycle Certification mean?


What  does Full Cycle Certification mean?

Closed loop recycled papers is achieved by businesses working together within a geographic region. The Full Cycle Paper Scheme ensures that post-consumer waste paper is recovered, recycled and reused to make new graphic paper for reuse in business again. The paper placed in the waste paper basket is recovered, deinked and remade into the same standard of business paper again and again.

The vast majority of 'recycled' products have absolutely no verification associated with them. Several reputable environmental certification claims exist, but the Mobius strip associated with recycled claims is in the public domain and subject to no practical oversight. Full Cycle along with FSC provides the highest rigor in verification.

But how do you know that what you have just read really is happening? Well the Full Cycle Paper Scheme is monitored and audited using a well know accounting method; the volume credit system. Waste paper recovered is recorded through the supply chain through recycling into new finished paper and delivery back into the UK market. Loss of useable fibre and contaminations in the waste paper recovered is removed and the net result is a volume record. The whole process is verified annually by Envirosense Consulting Limited a third party environment monitoring organisation. And an FSC accredited certification body audits both paper mills every year.