Do you need my waste paper?

Yes, but you do not need to do anything different. Arjowiggins Graphic collects waste paper from many waste management companies throughout the United Kingdom and France. This is a large scale industrial collection process moving thousands of tonnes of office waste paper for recycling back to its original standard; high quality graphic papers and board for reuse in offices again.


What type of waste do you recycle?

Arjowiggins uses mainly two grades of waste paper, these are EN643 - CEPI: 2.05, White & pastel printing & writing paper and CEPI 2.06, Sorted office paper white and lightly coloured, free from carbon paper and hard covers.

Full Cycle 1.jpg



Full Cycle 2.jpg

CEPI: 2.06       


CEPI: 2.05


Where is the paper made?

Arjowiggins Graphic has two paper mills that use the recovered waste papers:

Arjowiggins Greenfield

Greenfield Mill was built in 1997 and acquired by Arjowiggins Graphic in 2008. Greenfield is the European leader in premium quality recycled pulp production, the mill is FSC® certified and also certified by the French Water Agency for effluent and waste management. Greenfield is a new mill producing 150,000 tonnes of recycled pulp board, which is made into paper and board products at the Arjowiggins Wizernes and Bessé-sur-Braye paper mills.

Arjowiggins Le Bourray

The Le Bourray Mill was founded in 1848 is located in Le Mens France. The Mill produces the famous Cyclus and RePrint Deluxe brands as well as Kaleido (tissue paper).  Le Bourray Mills in an integrated paper mill with a waste paper deinking plant and paper making machines.

Click here to watch waste paper recycled at the Le Bourray Mill