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Carbon Offsetting Services

Carbon Offset Products

Carbon Offsetting

Evidencing your green credentials as a business, and providing your customers and end-users with an environmentally sound proposition and product offering is vital in today’s market. Few client conversations will go by without the environment being a topic of conversation, and carbon offsetting is a great way to face in to that challenge.

It has long been the case that you can carbon balance your paper products through Antalis and our partners; but we’re now able to go further: enabling you to offset the carbon on papers, packaging and plastics delivered to your door through work with our partners.

This not only protects and promotes vital forestry worldwide and at home, but will also boost your reputation, demonstrate you’re a leader on this topic – helping you meet your stakeholder's needs and making sure you stand out from your competition.

Supporting the UK Government initiative to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, we began measuring our carbon footprint in 2008 and have continued to work towards using energy efficiently and where possible reduce our operational carbon footprint. We elected to use 2015 as the baseline year in conjunction with our energy management system which is certified to ISO50001.

Forest Carbon Woodland Paper

Forest Carbon Offsetting Scheme

This scheme enables you to offset the carbon generated across our whole product range; through a choice of the planting of new indigenous woodland across the UK and Ireland, or through the protection of forestry at risk of deforestation in South America.

Where you select to contribute to the planting of indigenous woodland, you have the peace of mind that Forest Carbon work and a certified to the standards of the Government’s Woodland Carbon Code. This means the right trees have been planted in the right place, the estimated carbon capture you have purchased is conservative and scientifically sound, the woodland is protected for the long-term and will be properly managed, and the scheme is transparent the credits can be traced to you, as buyers.

How it works
• Woodland carbon credits are purchased, certified under the government backed UK Woodland Carbon Code
• On purchase of your credits, you will receive a certificate showing the amount of CO2 you have balanced and the number of
trees planted or area of land protected
• Carbon credit volumes are calculated to cover the extraction, primary processing, manufacturing and transportation of
materials to your doorstep
• The scheme is suitable for paper, packaging and visual communication products including plastics, aluminium composite and
nylon material ranges supplied by Antalis.

Contact your Antalis representative to take advantage of the scheme. If you don’t have a contact at Antalis currently, email us


Find out more on our Forest Carbon website or if you'd like further information, please view the below downloads:

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Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced Paper & Paper-based Packaging

Carbon Balancing is facilitated by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, through the preservation of high conservation value forests. Carbon balancing works by taking an average of the carbon that would be created in the production of a paper (or paper-based packaging) product and then purchasing the equivalent amount of ecologically important standing forests that are under threat of clearance. This ‘locks in’ carbon that would otherwise be released and securing its continued absorption from the atmosphere – balancing the carbon created in your purchase.

How it works
• On purchase of your credits, you will receive a certificate showing the amount of CO2 you have balanced and the area of land
protected which can be used in your marketing and sales efforts
• You will have access to the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper logo that can be printed on your products to show your
• The scheme supports projects in Vietnam, one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth and an area of international
conservation importance
• It is suitable for paper-based products and printed marketing materials, (including board and paper-based packaging).

Please view the below factsheets for more information, and contact your Antalis representative to take advantage of the scheme. If you don’t have a contact at Antalis currently, email us.

WLT_Projects.jpg     WLT_Info_Sheet.jpg