Stronger Traceability for More Responsible Products

Over the last 3 years, the Group has been engaged in a process of reinforcing its control of the supply chain to reduce environmental risk and play a leading role as a sectorial pioneer.

Context Demanding Exemplarity

The activity of the Group is closely tied to the availability and quality of its main natural resource: wood from the world’s forests. We co-operate with hundreds of geographically diversified suppliers. Until recently, no centralisation of our suppliers’ extra-financial data existed, constituting a potential risk for us. Comprehensive traceability is essential to guarantee compliance with local and international regulations and commit to preserving biodiversity and natural forests.

Antrak®, Our Platform for Responsible Supply Chain Management

To meet our objectives of compliance and environmental exemplarity, we launched in 2013 an online due diligence platform, Antrak®, to reinforce supply chain control and identify and manage the risks associated with deforestation and illegal wood extraction. This platform intends to send a clear message to suppliers or other stakeholders, and to raise awareness in-house, especially regarding purchasing practices and data management. This tool, specifically developed for our suppliers, enables the collection, centralisation and analysis of data on regulation compliance, traceability and respect of the Group’s CSR commitments.

Antrak®, A Comprehensive and Effective Platform

Besides the suppliers questionnaires, we have developed two additional tools.

Pre-screening process: Since 2015, each potential new supplier answers a pre-screening questionnaire before any commercial negotiation. Its goal? Make sure that the supplier complies with our values and is committed to supporting our core principles. Proof is also requested to justify compliance with international and local regulation.

Due diligence module: Antrak® includes a due diligence tool, based on the list of endangered species published by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and the country risk Transparency International classification. This module enables the evaluation of risk associated to any product. In the case of an identified risk, a specific committee, composed of legal, purchasing and CSR departments, is held to implement corrective measures.

High Stakes, Strong Commitments

We are fully aware of our responsibility due to the very nature of our activity. Antrak® has been identified as the strongest lever for more responsible practices. All our strategic suppliers have the obligation to transmit the required data. The platform has already collected thousands of documents and information on issues such as mill certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001), product credentials (FSC®, PEFCTM, Ecolabel, etc.) and corporate information (Code of Conduct, sourcing policies, etc). Through this innovative business practice, we have undertaken to inspire positive change within our entire collaborative network.

Traceability Creates Value for Our Clients

We care about our clients’ needs. It comes as no surprise that customers are increasingly demanding in terms of environmental guarantees. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) campaigns on deforestation have not only challenged the way companies produce, but also how clients consume. We strive for exemplarity throughout the value chain: from the forest to our client’s printers. Therefore, traceability is not only about enhancing the image of Antalis, it is also about creating value for all our clients and end-users.

Supporting Sustainable Forestry for Our Sourcing

A significant part of our supply chain strategy aims to reinforce sourcing from sustainably managed forests. Consequently, we support FSC® and PEFCTM both entities which guarantee the economic, ecological and social functions of the forest for its surrounding community. We have also obtained a multi-site FSC® and PEFCTM Chain of Custody certification that guarantees our clients the respect of traceability at all stages of production and distribution, in all the countries we operate in. These multi-site certifications imply annual audits by an independent third-party body.