Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources

Striving for excellence is the key driver of our HR strategy.

This translates into the way we foster talent, guarantee health and safety for all and create inspiring working environments.

We strongly believe that it adds immense value to our company and contributes to the quality of our offer.

Human Resources Vision

Human Resources Vision

Guaranteeing Health and Safety for all Employees

Guarantee a safe and secure working environment, enhance well-being a work and inspire greater performance.

Developing Training and Apprenticeship

Empower our people through training in order to adapt to the new demands of the market.

2020 Objectives

  • To train 80% of employees annually
  • To provide employees with 14 hours of training every year
  • Reduce the number of Lost Time Accidents to 7 per year

Well-Being at Work

Well-Being at Work

Learn more about how we are looking after the well-being of our employees.

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Employee Strategy

Employee-Centred Strategy

Learn more about how we continuously strive for an empowering employee-focused culture.

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