Vinyls & vehicle graphics

  • Vinyls & Vehicle Graphics


    Vehicle graphics have almost taken an art form in recent years. That’s why choosing the right substrate to print those important messages onto is crucial and will ensure they are clearly seen for the full life of the graphic.


Things to keep in mind:

  •  Is your vehicle graphic long or short term? This will determine which type of substrate (material) to use as they are made to suit specific life cycles
  •  What coverage is required, as (again) this will make a big difference to the type of substrate you should use
  •  What are you covering over? Different surfaces will need the right product to ensure the substrate adheres (sticks) fully to it, e.g. vehicles with rivets included in the side and back panels
  •  The type of printing method you propose to use is important, as this will determine the substrates you can choose from, e.g. one developed for solvent or one for waterbased inks
  •  If the graphic is going to contain lots of coloured images, the type of substrate you use will make a difference as to how well it looks when printed. Gloss papers will give the best results, but if you want to be a little more creative then matt or slightly textured substrates will deliver some outstanding results
  • Cut-out or Full Colour

    The self-adhesive vinyl you use will be determined by what you want to do with signage on your vehicle(s). Simple logos or contact details normally need only cut-out vinyl, whereas full colour imagery across the whole of the vehicle requires a different product.

  • Durability 

    Self-adhesive vinyl used for vehicle signage and mobile advertising will have varied life cycles, but normally these are 1-2 years (mobile advertising) and up to 7 years outdoor durability (standard vehicle signage).