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    The impact large format print is having on our world has grown in recent years, thanks to the digital products developed in recent times. The importance of choosing the right material for your specific requirement is paramount and will repay you simply from the thrill of seeing the wonderful colour reproduction and finishes you can achieve.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Take account of the size and weight of the finished product and keep in mind that thickness of material and show through (from the reverse side) are all important factors to consider when producing large format pictures and photographs
  •  The print techniques you use (screen, large format offset, digital) also need to be taken into consideration when choosing the material(s) to use
  •  Ink coverage also plays a part, as heavier (all over) coverage needs a different material to one where the amount of coverage is not so great
  •  Think about how you want your finished print or photograph to look. Smooth surfaces are ideal in ensuring you pick up every detail in a photograph or large print, but you can also achieve some great, and interesting, results by using textured surfaces
  •  Think about how you will display your finished print or photograph. Will it be fixed to a wall, framed or hung from the ceiling, or to another surface. Will it be under tension, in which case the material you choose to use will be extremely important as it will need to withstand some tough stretching and pulling throughout its life
  • The Right Materials

    Large format prints and photographs are being used more and more as wall graphics, on the side of buildings or large areas of glass. Using the right material will ensure the finish image you want to display meets all (and more) of your expectations, whether it is for one of these purposes, for exhibition displays or as a permanent reminder of a special family gathering on your living room wall.