Outdoor Advertising & Signage

  • Outdoor  Advertising & Signage


    Making sure you project the right image and message when advertising your company, brand, product or service outdoors is enhanced by the shrewd use of the correct substrate. Get it right and everyone will notice. 

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Take account of the place where your outdoor signage or advertising will be located, as this will impact on the materials to use. Longevity, direct sunlight, heavy footfall, high levels of traffic or a high concentration of other similar displays should all be taken into account
  •  Think of these things, plus any others which are relevant, and then make your decision on the best substrate (material) to use
  •  Light-fastness is extremely important when thinking about outside signs, advertisements and displays. There are products available which are guaranteed to hold the colours for a specified period of time
  •  If you are going to light your sign/advertisement you need to decide if it is going to be lit from the front or back, as this will influence the type(s) of substrate you can use
  •  The size and weight of your signs/advertisements are an important consideration as you’ll need to make sure the materials you want to use are available in the sizes required, or if it is acceptable to use more than one piece per display
  •  Will your sign/advertisement be a permanent or temporary fixture, as the type of product used and the way it is fixed will need to be considered, especially if the fixing could damage the surface underneath, i.e. is this something you need to keep in mind
  •  How flexible does the material you use have to be? Keep in mind where it is going to be fixed or adhered to, as there are products to suit most surfaces, including rough or even those containing rivets
  • The Right Materials

    Outside signage and advertisements are one of the main ways of making sure your company and its products & services are seen by everyone. Projecting the right image is so important and the selection of material to use is critical in making sure the values you hold so dear about these things are fully met.