In-Store Sign & display


In-Store  Sign & Display

Point of sale is an important part of any brand or product promotional activity. The substrate (material) you use to reproduce your design and message(s) will impact on the shopper’s perception of your brand or organisation and, therefore, needs careful consideration.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  In-store signage and Point of Sale displays are an effective way of promoting a particular brand or product and time should be given to thinking about the substrate you will use. The one you choose will influence and impact on the success of the campaign
  •  Plastics will last longer and need to be considered for longer term PoS displays. Cardboard – fluted or display - is the most cost effective way of producing in-store signage and is ideal for shorter term usage. You can extend the life by laminating the boards after printing
  •  You need to consider how your in-store signage/displays will be used. Freestanding items need to be durable and rigid and how much weight they will carry is also an important factor to keep in mind
  •  If the display is being fixed to something, a wall for example, take into account at an early stage how this will be achieved. It could impact on your design, especially if you need to drill a hole in the board or plastic and this appears over an important part of it. The weight of the substrate also needs to be taken into account in these situations
  •  If you are using floor or wall graphics, keep in mind the conditions they will be subjected to and to the adhesive used, as it is important they can withstand the ‘traffic’ that will walk on or pass by them and that you do not leave residue when the display is removed
  •  Shelf edge strips need careful consideration, as they need to be flexible and rigid to make sure they can cope with the conditions under which they will be used
  •  The method of printing also needs to be taken into account as different substrates are made to be used with different types of printing techniques (screen, large format offset; digital)
  • In-Store Signage

    The amount of consideration you give to the substrates you use is as important as the time given to the design/message(s) you are going to convey. The substrate will help your in-store signage/displays stand out from those of your competitors and will ensure your displays project the right image for your company and its products.

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