Hanging Signs


Hanging  Signs


Hanging signs come in all shapes and sizes and are the ideal way of bringing products, information and promotional activity to the attention of the customer, employee or visitor.


Things to keep in mind:

  •  Hanging signs can be used for short or long term purposes. The substrate (material) you use for your sign will vary depending on the ‘life’ of the sign. Display or foam boards are used primarily for short term point of sale purposes, whereas plastic or more rigid, longer lasting materials are used for more permanent hanging signs
  •  Many signs are used in areas where heat and cold or strong lights will influence a board’s ability to remain in shape. For this reason the rigidity of the substrate is an important consideration, especially as the sign will be promoting the values of your brand or company image
  •  If you want to print on both sides of the substrate, especially display board, you need to make sure both sides have a coating to give the best appearance to the display whichever side you look at it from
  •  Check to see if the area where you intend to display your hanging sign(s) needs the substrate to be ‘fire resistant’ or has to meet other requirements, such as being environmentally friendly
  •  The fixing of the sign(s) needs to be considered from the start. There are various fixing methods for hanging your sign(s) and you need to check to see which is the best option within the area you intend to fix your finished product
  • Display Hanging Signs

    Display and foam boards are often used for hanging signs in shops and stores and are made in a variety of finishes to suit the conditions to which they will be used.

  • Longer term hanging signs

    Longer term directional or warning signs need to be produced on materials that will last and plastics are the ideal solution in these situations.