• Finishing 

    Finishing your print job is key to achieve the final required finish, add longevity and UV protection and enhance the printed material.

    Our vast range of laminates and mount film adhesives are stocked to partner any application in the sign/display and digital print markets. From standard laminate cover to high end UV laminates are all available to accompany vinyl printed graphics for vehicles to anti-graffiti films for signage applications. Our mount films and adhesives can simply provide you with a double sided adhesive for simple mount applications or more specialist adhesive coatings provide low tack or residueless  applications such as windowtac or remotac.

    Please see links below to our wide range of finishing materials.

    Laminates – Complete range of films for every application /  lifespan / or finish as required

    Mount Films/Adhesive – Complete range of adhesives from high to low tack, optical clear to embossed.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  If laminating onto UV cured ink, due to the irregular ink surface a HCW heavy coat weight adhesive is required which can be found on protac glossy/anti graffiti and anti scratch matt
  •  When using orajet or coala self adhesive vinyl we advise that you use the Oraguard laminate and Coala laminate in order for the products to work together.
  •  When laminating exhibition graphics a sand textured or emerytex finish is best as this provides a mark resist and anti glare finish
  •  If mounting onto a rough or dusty surface such as MDF then an ultratac mount film may be needed
  •  If the printed graphic is to be placed outdoors then a UV stable laminate will be required interlam pro/protac
  •  Perhaps a non pvc laminate is required or a fire rated grade – once again drytac has this covered