Window Graphics


Window  Graphics

The design of window signage is important, but of equal importance is the material on which you print your design. This will make a big difference as to how attractive the finished display will look.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  As with most point of sale displays, the ‘life’ of your window display or decoration will determine the substrate (material) you should use, as one with a longer life needs to continue to look good over the whole of its life if it is to effectively promote your brand name or company image
  •  Short term window displays can be produced on a static cling material or with removable/low tack adhesive, whereas longer term versions need a more permanent adhesive
  •  Keep in mind you can have clear or opaque substrates on which to print and you need to make sure your design and the messages you want to get across suit the product you decide to use
  •  Window displays will be subject to lots of sunlight which affects the light fastness. There are products guaranteed to hold the colours for set periods of time and, if this is important, make sure you choose one with the guarantee you need
  •  Window display substrates have been developed to give best results with different printing methods, so you’ll need to make sure you are using the right one for your chosen printing machine
  • Short-term 

    Short-term window displays or decorations are best suited to static cling (no adhesive) or the use of removable or low tack adhesives, to make it very easy to take them down when the promotion or other messaging activity is complete.

  • Longer term

    If you are planning a longer term window display or decoration, you’ll need to make sure it continues to look good for its full life, as it is promoting your company and/or brand. One which starts to peel a third through its projected life will impact on how people perceive your brand or company.