Labels & Stickers


Labels  & Stickers

At first sight, you probably think the choice of label or sticker to use is straightforward. Don’t be fooled, you need to take into account a number of things, depending on its use and how long it needs to last.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Is the label or sticker to be a permanent fixture or will you want it to be removed after a period of time?
  •  Will it be used inside or outside and will it be subject to extremes of heat or cold?
  •  Does it need to be tear resistant, magnetic or water proof?
  •  What surface will it be attached to?
  •  Is there a particular size and format you want to use?
  •  Are you going to print or overprint onto it, or will it be written on?
  •  Do you need gummed, rather than the more widely used self-adhesive labels?
  • Use 

    High or low tack, residue or not… where you are going to use your label will determine which is the best solution for your purpose. Clothing will need a label which does not leave any residue and crockery may need a low tack adhesive so it can be removed easily. Thinking your requirement through from the start could save a lot of issues later.

    > Recommended products:
    A4 Labels (suitable for overprinting through office printers):  PCL

  • Shape and size

    An extensive choice of different shaped labels and sizes is available off the shelf. Keep in mind what it will be used for and select the most appropriate one for your need.

    > Recommended products:
    Self-adhesive Sheets (ideal for pre-printing and cutting to shape): Graphic

  • Digital print

    There are a number of self-adhesive products which have been specially developed for use on digital machines, allowing you to produce small quantities to high standards.

    > Recommended products:

  • Gummed labels

    The wine and whisky markets use gummed labels which can be printed onto, including the reverse. These labels have been developed to ensure they withstand extremes of heat and cold, as well as moisture, but at the same time print extremely well even in full colour. If you have a requirement for this type of label, contact your local sales team who will be pleased to help you find the right product.

    > Recommended products:
    Speciality labels products: Yupo TakoHydroprint