Greetings Cards & Invitations


Greetings  Cards & Invitations

The quality and shade of paper used for Greetings Cards & Invitations is important as many people who receive these items will want to treasure and hold onto them for a long time – maybe even a lifetime!

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Think about the audience you are seeking to attract and make sure the finished card or invitation speaks to them personally.
  •  Digital print is ideal for greetings cards and invitations, as you can do so many things to make the mailing more personal.
  •  The papers you use play an important role in making sure the recipient is attracted to the piece and encouraged to open and read it.
  •  The types of images and how easy it is to write onto the card or invitation are important, as is being able to easily read what has been written.
  •  How you finish your greetings card or invitation will help it to stand out and incorporating a varnish on the front and/or inside pages, foil blocking or embossing could make a big difference to how well the card or invitation is received and treasured. If the content and messages are important, then it is well worth the additional cost of incorporating one or more of these finishes.
  •  Cost should also be factored in, to help you decide if you are producing a premium, designer, mass market or cheap and cheerful greetings card or invitation piece and you can then plan its content, print and finish to suit the product and your budget.
  •  You need to keep in mind weight and dimensions of the card or invitation and any envelope you use, as size, thickness and weight will impact on the cost of postage.
  •  Where environmental credentials are important to you, a variety of paper options to help you meet this need are available.
  • The look

    Greetings Cards & Invitations come into their own through the use of colours, textures and finishes and the papers used will help attract attention and ensure it will be opened, read and treasured.

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  • Envelopes 

    Always important as they will be the first thing people see when receiving a greetings card or invitation. Don’t forget to make sure your communication will fit the envelope sizes available.

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  • CSR Policy

    Ensures all of our papers are made using pulps from well managed forests, so you can be sure the papers you use have a socially responsible chain of production – from the trees used to make the pulp all the way through to the printer.

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