Covers & Folders


Covers  & Folders

Covers & Folders may be well down the list where design is concerned, but it is important the right papers are used, as the look and feel will reflect the image of your company to existing and prospective customers.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Think about the impact you want to achieve with your customers and make sure the board you use helps you to do this.
  •  Digital print may be the best way of producing your covers and folders, especially if you are only looking for small quantities and personalization.
  •  However, even if you need many thousands, breaking your customers down into target groups and producing covers to suit each group will be more economic using digital print methods and will give you an edge over your competitors.
  •  If the message your covers and folders convey is important then a more creative board will help to attract even more attention. There are some wonderful boards which will do exactly what you ask of them and will ensure a lasting impact is made.
  •  Creasing and folding properties are an important consideration, as they will make a big difference to the way your folder or cover looks when finished.
  •  Cost should also be factored in, to help you decide if you are producing a premium, designer or mass market product and you can then plan its content, print and finish to suit the market and your budget.
  •  If your cover or folder is likely to be posted you need to keep in mind weight and dimensions, as size, thickness and weight will impact on the cost of postage.
  •  Where environmental credentials are important to you, a variety of options to help you meet this need are available.
  • The Look

    Modern, traditional or contemporary are factors to consider as each one needs different boards to help create the look and feel you are seeking to put in front of your customers.

    > Recommended products:
    Creative Papers: KeaykolourRivesCurious CollectionPop’SetConqueror Bamboo, all with matching envelopes
    Uncoated: Coloraction

  • The life

    Consider the life of your folders or covers, as heavier weight boards will last longer than lighter weight versions. If you are in any doubt about the best one to use, contact your local sales team who will be happy to help.

    > Recommended products:
    White Cards: Print SpeedSimcoteEdixionIncada SilkCarta IntegraIncada Excel

  • foldability 

    The type and weight of the board you use, combined with such things as flaps and pockets, can result in the finished product not remaining flat when closed. Different boards react in different ways. If you would like a dummy to be made so you can see how it will look, ask your local sales team and they will organise this for you.