Business Cards

Business  Cards

The paper you use, how you print it and what finishes are incorporated, will all help your business card to find immediate, positive acceptance from the person you are handing it to.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  What do you want your first impression to be with your customers?
  •  Think about using modern papers, with fashionable colours or special finishes, such as metallics or iridescents.
  •  3D plastics have the ability to attract immediate attention.
  •  All add to the richness, tactility and look to help project the right image from that important start with your customers.
  •  Weight plays an equally important part – the modern trend is to use cards with thicknesses of 400gsm or more.
  •  You can add even more interest by laminating (gluing) two pieces of card together.
  •  If you use different colours for the two laminated cards you’ll add another interesting dimension to your business card.
  •  Always keep in mind cost against budget.