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Books  & Diaries

The quality and shade of paper you use needs to be carefully considered, especially if you are seeking to produce a book or a diary which people will treasure and want to use all year or keep on their bookshelf.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Are you producing a luxury, premium or standard version of your diary, as the paper you use will be important to the finished look, feel and quality of the product.
  •  Remember to keep in mind that people will be writing in their diary, so the paper you use should be capable of coping with ink and pencil.
  •  Which type of book are you producing – paperback or hard backed – as this will influence the papers you use.
  •  You need to keep in mind any images to be included as, again, this will determine the best papers to use. Also, if you are producing a book to be used in harsh environments, such as a kitchen or workshop, you may want to consider synthetic papers, as these are more durable and hardwearing than many other papers.
  •  If you are producing your diary or book in small quantities, it may be more advantageous to produce them digitally.
  •  Take into account any special print finishes you may want to incorporate. These include embossing, thermography, foil blocking, varnishing and die cutting.
  •  How you are going to bind the book or diary needs to be taken into consideration, as some papers are more suited to different types of binding.
  •  Are environmental credentials important? If so, there are a variety of paper options to help you meet this need.


  • Digital Print

    Papers for digital print are becoming more widely available. However, if you are using HP Indigo machines the papers you use will need to have a special coating. It is always safer to check if the paper(s) you are proposing to use is certified for these machines. Ask our sales desk if you are unsure about anything - they are always pleased to help.

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    DigiGreen - iPrint Digital Gloss & Silk
    Added value creative optionArjowiggins Digital Range  

  • Opacity 

    Highly opaque, but lightweight papers are ideal for both books and diaries. However, keep in mind readability and if it would be better to use lower shades of white, creams or ivory which are easier on the eye and offer a quality look.

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  • Imagery 

    Glossy papers are best for printing full colour images, but many modern, uncoated papers give very good results and are ideal for diaries as they provide the best writing surface.

    > Recommended Products:
    KeaykolourRives - Curious CollectionConqueror Bamboo and Print Excellence add high quality through textures, colours and finishes

  • CSR Policy

    Ensures all of our papers are made using pulps from well managed forests, so you can be sure our papers have a socially responsible chain of production – from the trees used to make the pulp all the way through to the printer.

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  • Recycled Papers

    Many of our brands have a recycled offer within the range, with a number also being carbon neutral, so you can be confident our papers are sustainable and not damaging the environment in which we all live.

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    Cocoon RecycledCyclusConqueror 100% Recycled - Olin 70% recycled