Void Fill & Stuffing


Void  fill, stuffing

For void filling and bracing

When shipping your goods, the voids in the packaging box must be filled to stop your product from moving around and to prevent damage. Choose from a number of solutions including paper, air cushions, packaging foam and loose fill.



Product Description Applications Advantages

 Paper filling system

Void fill system consisting of a converter and paper, which is processed into filling material

To fill voids in the  packaging, if products are not too heavy

The system can be integrated into almost any packaging process, the material and storage costs are low

Loose fill

Loose fill for small applications and the protection of sensitive goods

For the fast filling of voids in boxes and to protect fragile goods

The shipment costs are low due to the low weight and the product is reuseable

Corrugated board reels

Corrugated board, with adhesive on one side made from 100% wastepaper, also available as a blank

To stuff packaging, to wrap products, and as interleaving and covers

The product is user-friendly, cheap and environmentally-friendly